June 2005

knittin and spinnin along although,
I’ve no particular thing to show…

Ok.. well maybe one thing to show

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sari silk skein

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a close-up for those actually
interested in the yarn & not the kitty

I will have you know that, not only did Barnum barge his way into the photo, but Windle (see upper left photo) decided that this would be the perfect time to play parrot kitty. I took the above pix with his hind legs drapped over my shoulders &, literally, wearing his ass for a hat! THATS LOVE!

Anyways.. about the sari silk. What a huge pain in the ass to spin! The fibers are all in a mishmash. You have to cut down the length & separate and it still comes out loopy! The stray strands keep getting caught on the hooks of my flyer & making a mess!

That said, the yarn is super fun! I think I have finally got the hang of spinning this stuff & can’t wait to knit it up. (yes, I know I’m psycho)

As for knitting, I got another few rows done on the Cathay tank and several rounds done on the second Princess tank while at knit-in last night. And, I am really kicking myself for not bringing my camera, as there was so much loveliness! Elicia (sorry if I mis-spelled!!) brought the yummiest little vest she had made for her daughter out of an angora blend… I just wanted to cuddle up with it! Emily was wearing Grace, which she had finished last week, and was absolutely adorable! Jennie was working on her second beaded wrist-warmer, which simpley fascinates me. And, best of all, Ingrid brought her mum who is in from New Zealand! She knits even faster than her daughter & is frankly a fiber goddess! She was working on a gorgeous lace shawl made with a merino/possum blend that she had spun. Oh so pretty!

I think I need to find me an opossum…


So, I was reading the livejournal of the one I have dubbed the insane blogger (see her lotr feast) and saw references to a journal called iharthdarth. OMG! Too Cute! For your amusement, here are a couple of my favorites…

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This afternoon Denise discovered herself unexpectedly childless! An email was sent out… Cafe Felix, 7pm… knitting. How could I resist?

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Cathay, Chardonay, & Crepes… Oh MINE!

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Denise looking fine in her Gorgeous silk jacket

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Libby is much more intent on her dinner
than her knitting

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one more row until cake, one more row…

Twas a beautiful Ann Arbor evening. Moderate temp, light breeze, good wine & great company. Sure I only got about 6 rows knit, but heck the pattern I’m knitting has something like 125 sts per row! Denise, however, made good progress on her first ever sock & should be turning the heel soon. Libby learned the pitfalls of knitting with 2 strands of novelty yarn & went a-froggin a few times. A good time was had & we are thinking of doing this again next Thursday. However, that will most likely be at Casa Dominics where its cheaper & the Sangria is MUCH better.

So, did you notice how I slipped in that pic of Debbie Bliss Cathay without a single word beforehand? I was a really bad girl on Tuesday & spent $75 on that stuff at the lys. Lemme tell ya.. totally worth it. This stuff is really luscious. So soft & such a sheen! This is actually going to be for me! (gasp) An actual knitted top for me by me! This is totally unprecidented! Could this mean I’m becoming a selfish knitter? (unlikely)

Anywho.. I walked home slightly tipsy & happy to find this

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mom, you will never believe what
dad is doing!

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sleepy honey on the porch
(ain’t he cute!)

Knit Whimsies

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Materials- 1 1/2 skeins Classic Elite Flash! 100% mercerized cotton in
Lotus Blossom
Size 7 needles (or size needed to obtain gauge)
Yarn or tapestry needle
Gauge- approx. 4 1/2 sts per inch
Size- fits women’s size 8-9

Cast on 10 sts.
Row 1- knit
Row 2- purl
Row 3- kfb, k to last, kfb (kfb=knit in front and back of the stitch)
Row 4- purl
Repeat rows 3 & 4 until you have 30 sts.

1. knit 24, turn.
2. *k14, turn* 3 times
3. bind off 14, knit across remaining 8 sts. on needle (16 sts total).
4. Work stockinette st. on remaining sts (keeping separate) until measures 5″ from bind off, ending with a purl row.
5. Cast off and join ends with tapestry needle.

Cast on 3
Work garter st. for 2″
Cast off
Attach 1 1/2″ from toe (14 st) bind off.

Cast on 10
Row 1- knit
Row 2- knit
Row 3- kfb, knit to last, kfb
Row 4- knit
Repeat rows 3 & 4 until there are 20 sts.
Work garter st (knit every row) for 1 1/2″

1. k2tog, knit to last 2, k2tog
2. knit next 3 rows.
Repeat 1 & 2 three (3) times (14 sts)
Work in garter st. until measures 8″ from cast on.

3. k2tog, knit to last 2, k2tog
4. knit
repeat 3 & 4 once (10 sts)
cast off

Sew upper & sole together using tapestry needle & leftover yarn.

Copyright 2005 by Kimberly Ann Truzzi. http://knitwhimsies.blogspot.com ktruzzi@yahoo.com Do not copy, disseminate, or sell without express permission from the author. Items made using this pattern may not be sold. For personal use only.

Remember my post on Wednesday? Well, I was going to tweak the pocketbook slipper pattern, but once I got started I really didn’t like how it was headed. But I liked the mary jane style. So Friday I started making a pattern up.

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I knit it in 3 pieces; top, sole & strap. It went very quickly (about 5 hours total) & took just over 1 skein of the Classic Elite Flash! in Lotus Blossom. The fit is much better, since it isn’t ment to fit a range of sizes & I like that more of my foot is covered.

Wish I knew a cobbler! I would love to knit a pair that could be attached to a hard sole.. that would be so much fun!! 🙂

this post contains extreme cuteness & virtually no knitting content
procede at your own ris

Last night was my niece’s very first ballet recital.
It was absolutely adorable! I swear there is nothing cuter than little girls in tutus. They “danced” to When you wish upon a star.. toooo cute!

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Princess Autumn Rose

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
this is her delicate “ballet” pose

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
with a twinkle in her eye & no front teeth

Every ballerina deserves a present after their first performance, so I gave her the princess tank early… (sorry the photos suck)

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com
fits like it was made for her 😉

Thats all for now, have some spinning to finish up…

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No, it isn’t another bag…
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Behold! The thinnest part of my body: my left foot!(notice the elongated 2nd toe)

Super fun & fast. One size fits all Pocketbook Slippers ! It took me just over 3 hours to knit the first one & less than a skein of yarn. This is Classic Elite Flash! 100% mercerized cotton in Lotus Blossom. Very shiney & comfy! I need to do a little tweaking on the pattern. I made the strap a little long & I would like the top to come a little further up my foot.

I think these will be in lots of stockings this december…

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