August 2005

I finally finished my Cathay top! woo hoo! Here is a really awful pic of it all blocked up…
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Here is what the color actually looks like (mostly)

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The gals at knitting last night got a preview of it actually on me & can testify that it fits! Whee!

So, what’s next you may ask. Well, evidently I have gone insane. Here’s why…
Image hosted by Photobucket.comIsn’t that gorgeous?! (not the model, the sweater!) Its Stornoway from Fisherman’s Sweaters by Alice Starmore. I saw this & fell in love! I must make this for my daddy! Must Must Must. So what’s the problem you may ask, well I’ll tell ya.. its knit on Size 2 needles.. that’s US not UK.. Size 2! Ya know, what ya make socks with! eek! Well, since I am insane, I am going to do it and I am very optimistically planning to finish it in time for xmas.

But ya know, insanity runs in my family…
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That’s me, my sis & my mom circa 1976. Me & sis are in matching ponchos & matching pink dresses (i’m the one with the blinding white hair). Somewhere lurking out there is a pic of us in matching red, white, & blue ponchos for the bicentenial (shudder). Yep, mom’s a loonie! 🙂 Love her!

And just because there hasn’t been any pussy on this blog in awhile…
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behold Bailey & her amazing bald belly


Finally finished The Historian. Fun read, though probably not for everyone. It tends to read somewhat like a travel log, so it drags in bits & there are some plot things that bug me, but overall I enjoyed it. Now I need to hit the book store, Something Rotten is out in paperback & it is next on my list!

I decided to put sleeves on the Cathay top formerly known as the shapely tank. I have finished the first & am a few rows into the second. I am hoping to get it done tonight, but I don’t really expect to. I am going to redo the edging around the neck as well. I initially did a sc around, but am not feeling it. But I tried it on & IT FITS! SQUEE! :p

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In knitting news, I have almost finished my Cathay Tank. I just have to finish 10 rows on the back, block & seam it. It looks like I am going to have over a skein left & will probably be modifying it into a Tee. The big question is, will it fit? This is actually the first top I have made for myself & I am very anxious about it.

I will of course post pics as soon as it is finished. 🙂

In which I sing the praises of a town I have heretofore disliked…

Um, yeah, so… Ann Arbor is actually really cool. This is a big step for me. For as long as I can remember (and I’m talking since about 6 or 7 yrs old here) I have hated Michigan with a passion. My greatest ambition has been simply to leave the state! (and I haven’t even managed that… sad really) But since moving into Ann Arbor 6 months ago, & especially since returning from NYC, I have found a love for this city (not the state though) I never knew I had in me.

I have always pictured myself as a big city kinda gal, but I don’t think I am now. After a few days in New York I was more than ready to come home to my small city. I missed the relatively fresh air, the relative quite, & the TREES!

Ann Arbor really does have a lot going for it. It has culture, art, & music. It has some fantastic restaurants & indy movie houses. Where else do you have an entire town waiting for the next Faerie Door to pop up? (The new one has shown up at the Ark btw) It has a kick ass farmers market, zingerman’s, a trader joe’s And today… today I have discovered the glory that is Big 10 Market.

Now Big 10 was not an alien store to me. For years I have known it as the place to go for liquor & import beer. Not being a native townie I was completely unaware of the deli. For weeks I have read Kate’s descriptions of the wonderful things she has gotten from them. Well today I went there. Oh. my. god. The fresh mozzarella.. the prosciutto.. the scharffenberger chocolates.. and the kicker? Coca-Cola in glass bottles! I ain’t talkin no sissy mini bottles either. 12oz glass bottles of the Real Thing! They also had 7-up, Sprite, & Squirt in glass. Sure, they were all imported from Mexico & yeah, Coke is a crappy company politically speaking.. but DUDE! Do you remember what Coke tastes like from a glass bottle? It is so different! Sooo much better!

It takes me back to my childhood when my biggest worry was whether I had enough money for the slurpee & the space invaders machine!

So, Ann Arbor? Sorry about all those nasty things I said. I really do love you & I will try to treat you better in the future. I promise. Really. Trust me. 😉

(but I still want to move to Seattle)

Feeling stressed & out of sorts from this SP issue. Needing to know I’m not a complete ass & brute. This certainly makes me feel better…

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and this…

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I’m a good person, I’m a good person, I’m a good person….

Thank you all for your great input on my SP situation. I have removed my previous post for the time being.. until the situation is resolved.

Finally registered for classes & reserved a room for Knit Fest 2005! Denise & I are going to split a room on Friday & come home on Saturday. I registered for slip stitch knitting, cast-on, and color tips & tricks. That should give me plenty of time to drool in the marketplace. 🙂 I can’t wait!

Haven’t done any knitting in like a week! I need to get them needles picked up!

In other news, pillaged this from Denise! I like this much better than the other sorting hat quiz I took, that one said I was a Squib! (hrmpf)

Want to Get Sorted?

I’m a Gryffindor!

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