October 2005

Man this week is draggin!

Thanks for all the compliments on the sweater! I got a little more done and am now back to where I was before ripping. I made a tinsy error in the last cable.. but its really small so I am resisting the urge to tink back. No one will notice anyways.. right?

The weather has been really cold this week, it seems to have skipped fall and gone directly to winter here. brrrr. At least there’s hockey to watch! (go Wings!)

Oh.. SP… There is nothing special that I am coveting for xmas. Well, there are those knitting books, but they are a little pricey for SP xchange. I will be happy with yarn.. never can have too much of that! XD

alright, off to make dinner, knit & watch the game.


Hi all! So to prove this is actually a knitting blog.. here are pics of my knits! 🙂

I am slowly getting back to where I was on Torgeir. I am currently about 20 rows short of where I had to frog from. I am hoping to finish the back by the end of the week. I will feel much better once I get the front started. My coworker is announcing daily how much time til xmas.. the brat!

Close-up of cables

I finally got to celebrate my birthday with my family on Sunday. My sister made me a yummy cake & we all went out for Italian. Lovely gifties were given as well! My mother also hinted heavily that she would like something made out of Alpaca for xmas, now I have to make her something or she will be upset. Luckily I have some super yummy white alpaca here, unfortunately it still needs to be spun. eek!

So now I just need a week of doing nothing but knitting to get it done… yeah, right.

OOOOOOO! My first SP6 package arrived today! SQUEEE!
Love the halloween stickers.

Sugar-free Dark Chocolate.. never had such a thing
before, can’t wait to try a piece!

Nifty knitting notecards.. love the design!
These will definitely be put to good use!

4oz skein of Black wool by Lismore Sheep Farm

SP says it felts well & recommended using it for Sophie. How did she know I have been dying to make that! 🙂

And the fete de resistance?

Sheep shaped soap! TOO CUTE! I will not be able to use it. It will be like the “guest towels”! lol

She also included a very nice note wishing me a happy birthday! SP6, you totally ROCK! ((hugs))

Thanks so much!

Feeling a bit better today.. actually made it to work, which is sort of a mixed blessing. 😉 Doctor gave me this heavy duty cough medicine that knocked my ass out! I took it & had passed out within 10 minutes.. and I slept for almost 16hrs straight! hee hee

Unfortunately, with that medicine knocking me out I didn’t get as much knitting done as I had hoped. Only a few more rows on the sweater & one pattern repeat on the project for my sis. 😦 Honey is going to be doing a show on Sunday & running around getting stuff for it tomorrow, so that should leave me plenty of time to flump & knit this weekend! Whee!

In other news, I got a lovely postcard from my secret pal. She is currently in Avignon, boy am I jealous! She has informed me that a package is on its way! I can’t wait!! More PRESENTS! XD

Home today with the hacking cough… I friggin hate having chronic bronchitis!

Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes!!!! I had a very nice, low key birthday & just hung out at the weekly knit-in. Even got 33 rows done on the gifty for my sis!

I have to go to the doctors in a little bit, but am hoping when I get home to get some serious knitting done on my dad’s sweater before Lost comes on tonight. I have to pay such rapt attention to that show or I miss all the hidden clues!! 🙂

I’ll leave you with another bit o’silliness

You Belong in Rome

You’re a big city girl with a small town heart
Which is why you’re attracted to the romance of Rome
Strolling down picture perfect streets, cappuccino in hand
And gorgeous Italian men – could life get any better?

What City Do You Belong in? Take This Quiz 🙂

Love me dem Italian men! Ciao!

ok.. this is the last & then I will stop

google search “{your name} does”

1. Kim does night duty on the starship Voyager – dude, that would be cool {snork}
2.KIM DOES MEDIA BLITZ BEFORE PRISON – crap! what i’d do now!
3.Kim does not affect virulence by the intravenous route. – well.. I guess thats good…
4. Kim does look like Tammy Lynn Michaels – WHO? (quick google here) umm. nope.. well.. no. both blonde but that’s it.
5.Kim does not have enough going on – this is true, I’m very boring
6.Kim does not know how to drive a van – do so!
7. Kim does not have a manager or agent. – sadly, this is true.. I fear I shall never be a top model because of it 😉
8.Kim does a surprisingly fine job of running North Korea – why thank you! I try so hard!
9. Kim does it. – short & to the point.
10. Kim does not appear. – ever? wow.. I always thought of myself as a “show up” kind of gal!

Thank you for putting up with my self-indulgence! 😀

Ok.. so I am shamelessly stealing Dani’s idea & doing the follow-up

Google search “{your name} wants”


1. Kim wants to keep celebrity names out of trial. – actually, I could care less, name the names why don’t cha!
2. Kim wants to rule all Korea – YES! Bow before me!
3. Kim wants to know
4. Kim wants regime preservation – um.. that would be a huge NO! Revolution baby!
5. Kim wants the kitchen to serve both form & functionhow did they know! it is exactly what I yearn for! 😉
6. Kim wants love to be personal and just a touch on the formal and polite side. – what’s with the formality thing? give me unbridled passion in the back of a buick! (ops, flashback to highschool.. sorry!)
7. Kim wants to have nukes – for deterent purposes only, I swear!
8. Kim wants the highest for me – this is true, I really want the highest for you! Honest! 0:)
9. Kim wants to be the great ancestor – I’ll settle for pretty good though
10. Kim wants a green jacket that is expensive – and is warm.. and perty!

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