March 2006

Ever feel like you’re living in a soap opera??

Sorry I haven’t been posting. I have been so busy I just haven’t had time to keep up!

I want to thank everyone for their good wishes & thoughts about my mom. She ended up having surgery twice, but is doing fine now. She was moved to the hospital’s rehabilitation ward last night & will probably be there for 6 weeks. Poor thing hasn’t been home in over 2 months!

In house news, we got the official word today. We are closing on the 6th of April (next thursday!!). Squee! Luckily my daddy has that weekend off, so he is coming out on Saturday to help me raise the kitchen cabinets. I can’t believe its really happening!!!! XD

I will try to post more often in the next few weeks. Really. Things should calm down a bit after the move… I hope!


My mom is scheduled for surgery today. Really nervous about this one. I just have a bad feeling, ya know? Couldn’t really sleep last night. sigh.

Think good thoughts y’all.

Today we had our inspections on the house. The radon test came back good & the general inspection was excellent. There are a few problems, but they are pretty minor & nothing we couldn’t fix our selves. Nothing that will prevent the sale going ahead! Wheee!!

So, that just leaves the title & financing contingencies in place. The financing should be cleared by the end of the week (fingers crossed). Then its just the limbo until closing around April 12th!!

I so can’t wait!!

In other news, my mother is back in the hospital. Her hip has popped out again & they are thinking another bout of surgery is needed. (sigh) They just discovered it today & have no idea when it happened. She hasn’t been able to stand/walk since her surgery almost a month ago, so its unlikely she did it herself. We think it was caused by the aides putting her back in bed, or possibly during physical therapy. The odd thing is that she usually can tell right away when it pops out because not only does it feel wonky, but there is usually alot of pain involved. Hopefully I will know more tomorrow when I go to see her. I just pray that she doesn’t end up in ICU again needing another 8 pints of blood.

That’s about it for now. No news on the job front. Haven’t done much knitting because of packing, but we did get a large amount of that done this weekend. The cats are starting to seriously freak out, but at least they get the momentary joy of jumping into precariously placed boxes. XD

found on my sp6 spoiler’s blog

You Are Fozzie Bear

“Wocka! Wocka!”
You’re the life of the party, and you love making people crack up.
If only your routine didn’t always bomb!
You may find more groans than laughs, but always keep the jokes coming.
The Muppet Personality Test

It’s official! The contract was signed this morning & earnest money delivered. The radon inspection is this weekend & the other inspections are Monday at 12:30!!

We are buying our first house!! SQUEEEEEE!!

Wanna see it??

Front view

Family Room

Master Bedroom

Master Bath (part of addition)

Bedroom #2

Bathroom (original)

Kitchen (very low cabinets because
previous owner was in a wheelchair)

Dining Room

Living Room (addition) I wanted to show the valuted
ceiling & skylight, so you don’t get the full view! 😉

Back view

It also has a full basement that is half finished. I didn’t post pics cause they are kinda boring. However, there is a little room with lots of shelves, towel bars, a sink with counter space & lots of outlets. This is my dying room!!! XD

I’m all a-quiver! Closing should be around April 12th.

Dude! Its so unreal still!


Yesterday we put a bid in on a house! Squee!!

It doesn’t sound like there is any competition and it has already been relisted once, so we are hoping to get a deal. We haven’t heard anything yet, but the deadline is tomorrow at noon.

In knit news, I finished the back of my mum’s sweater. Pics later, this post is already photo heavy!! 😉

Oh, and for those in need of some kitty comic relief, check out this

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