June 2006


So my fellow spinsters, who has spun cotton before?? I so blythely stated last night that I was going to spin 8oz of cotton and all I needed was a proper spindle. Well, I didn’t realize what I was in for. Who thought finding the right spindle would be sooo damn hard?!

Do I go with a Tahkli (support spindle), Akha, or Featherweight?? Or, do I throw caution to the wind & get one of these babies?

Any ideas??


Ya know you want to! 🙂

Props to Carla!

My challenge will be to spin 8oz of pima cotton on a drop spindle. So, I guess I’ll need to get an appropriate spindle by July 1st… darn! 😉


I am totally knitting! I haven’t done that in like WEEKS!

I even bought new yarn! 🙂

Wanna see?
Koigu sock yarn using the Hedera pattern from the last Knitty. Its so purty & girly!! I have been having a crappy time at work lately & this totally cheered me up!!

And it is knitting up rather quickly! I’m already on the 4th pattern repeat on the leg. Amazing how fast it seems to go when you use size 3s instead of 1s! lol

Well, off to knit. But before I go…

Gratuitous puppy pic

So, found this story on Yahoo!… poor bear! 😉

Not much is going on here… but I have more puppy pics!!

Here my precious darling has stolen uncle Smokey’s
favorite toy & is playing with it on his bed!
The fiend!

Autumn & Corrina playing under gradma’s bed

Here you see her spurn her silly squirrell for Smokey’s
toy… Oh the shame!

And, my absolute FAVORITE picture!

Corrina had her 2nd puppy kindergarten class this week & she is doing very well. She knows “sit” & “down” and we are working on “stay” & “come”. She is starting to identify her name as well!

We took her to taste of Ann Arbor last Sunday and walked around Depot Town & Frog Island on Friday. She is one social puppy!! And, she had her first ice cream!! I have pics, but haven’t downloaded them off the camera yet!!

Saturday was the big house warming party. Thanks so much to everyone who came!! We had a great time!

We had knitters, coworkers, old friends, neighbors, Ark-ies, and a couple family members. Not to mention a few puppy-dogs for Corrina to play with.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures… I was too busy running around making food & trying to socialize to find the dang camera.

It was such a full day that poor Corrina had to be carried to bed – she was too tired to move! lol

So, thanks again to all who came & I hope you had a great time!! XD

btw- we have so much beer & wine that we may have to have another party to get rid of it all!

Just a note to let y’all know that little Corrina puppy is doing fine!

She came home Tuesday & has been terrorizing the cats more than ever!

Last night she got to meet her grammie & papa, as well as aunt Dawn, Autumn, & uncle Smokey! She had an absolute blast!! At one point she stole Smokey’s favorite toy and usurped his bed! Yep, now that she’s healthy, she’s a handful!

Pictures of the terror will be posted as soon as my sis emails ’em!