April 2007

I was so happy with the results I got on Saturday, that I went dye crazy on Sunday!
I wound my remaining 3 skeins of dk weight yarn into 12 skein that were approx. 1oz each and then dyed them using 12 different flavors of Kool Aid in order to make a color card and possibly knit a sampler. I ended up with 6 different shades of red/pink! I will have to scour my local stores to see if I can find any flavors I missed!
I also wound the sock yarn I dyed into a 2yd hank. This was the best picture I could get and it is still very difficult to see the variation, so below is a picture of the hanks dyed with those flavors… it’s a little easier to make out the colors.
Now I just have to see if the stripes knit up properly! If so, I see many more skeins like this in the future! 🙂

I have to say that I am loving this technique for dyeing. In the past I’ve always used commercial acid dyes, that require lots of ventilation, gloves, goggles & masks or have added vinegar to the Kool Aid (as I was taught) and been very unhappy with the results! You still want to be careful not to breathe in the Kool Aid powder, but it is not nearly as toxic! Hey Kool Aid!


I dyed 2 skeins of the KnitPicks Bare yarn using Kool-Aid. One skein of the DK and one of the fingering weight. Here’s the results…
Dark red=Tropical Punch; light red/pink=Watermelon Cherry; Purple= Grape

DK Weight Yarn right out of the pot

Light Blue=Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade; Blue=Berry Blue; Light (Celery) Green=Artic Green Apple

Fingering Weight right out of pot

Here they are drying in the sun.

It started raining about 20min after this picture was taken!

Unfortunately my camera is having problems picking out the difference between the light & darker blue. I think it’s due to them being the same hue under bright light. In person there is a difference. You may notice that the fingering skein is longer, this is because I wound it into an 8yrd hank so that, in theory, the yarn will self-stripe when I knit it up. There is a good tutorial on this technique over at See Eunny Knit. Overall I’m very happy with the results. This is the first time I’ve dyed using Kool-Aid without adding vinegar. The yarn certainly absorbed it ok, we will just have to wait & see how color-fast it is.

BTW- The Spring Surprise is up at Knitty! Am I crazy for totally wanting to knit this?

SQUEE! Yahoo has an exclusive trailer up! OMG!

How many days is it until July 13th?

Best $2.99 spent ever!

Kris came home yesterday after being away for a week due to work & Gandalf-related activities. Corrina was very happy about this…

Whilst he was away, I placed an order at KnitPicks. I needed to get a sweater stone and then I decided to try for the free shipping…

I got 6 skeins of fingering weight and 4 skeins of dk weight yarn in their Bare line, which is 100% merino yarn that has been washed & spun but not bleached. I got it for dyeing. I’ve had the urge lately and didn’t want to muck about with spinning. Now I just need to find the time to dye it! Not sure what type of dye I’m going to use yet. I don’t think I have any laying about.

Btw- I’ve already tried out the sweater stone, it works great! Although it does leave a bit of pumice dust laying about…

Home sick today… must have been all that fresh air, definitely not good for me!

Got a few things done yesterday…
I was going to make a sleep sack (thanks to Maggie for the link) out of the remaining fleece, but didn’t have enough so I made a pillow for the cat’s window hammock (modeled by Windle).

Apparently Windle wanted to be prominently featured in this post…

About 1″ left to go before toe shaping. Hopefully I will finish it off tonight while watching Drive & Heroes! (They killed Peter! You Bastards!)

Found this at DataWhat, thought it was interesting enough to share:

This is how I spent my morning…
Knitting, drinking tea & listening to an audiobook. Heaven! I am just loving this weather!!

Don’t you love the tea set? It was a X-mas gift from my sister in law & this is the first chance I’ve had to use it. The cups are miss-matched (they are pink, green & orange) but the set works well together.

As for the sock, I’ve turned the heel, finished the gusset & am about 1/2″ into the foot… Just 7″ more until toe shaping!
And then, this afternoon I went to see this…

Seriously funny! There are a few recycled gags from Shaun of the Dead, but still a great film. The violence is a bit graphic, if a bit cartoonish. Simon Pegg is brilliant! Oh, and Timothy Dalton is HILARIOUS! I don’t normally like him, but he was perfect for this role. There are a lot of nice little cameos as well. Thoroughly enjoyable! I highly recommend and will be dragging Kris off to see it as soon as he is home for more than a few days at a time! 🙂

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