I was watching a few episodes from the new season of Dr. Who last night & wasn’t paying close enough attention to my knitting. This caused me to do an extra repeat of the lace pattern before starting on the heel flap. Oops! Well, I thought, it’s not too tall. I will just forge ahead.

I’m really not thrilled with the design of the heel flap for this pattern. It’s only 32 sts but it looks huge! I may just have a skewed opinion because I normally do a slip-stitch heel (k1, sl1), which draws the fabric in.

So I’m thinking of ripping back to the correct number of repeats & then doing said slip-stitch heel. What do you think?

Btw- The Swirling Lace Anklets pattern arrived today! Now I just need to get the yarn! Kudos to Spinning Bunny for getting the pattern out so quickly. I will definitely buy from them again!