Just got back from the bookstore and I picked up the new Interweave Knits. There are several nice patterns in this issue, although I still don’t like the new layout. I do have fairly strong feelings on a few of the patterns and I thought I would share my thoughts.

The Good:
The Wheat-Ear Cable Yoke by Pam Allen

Well designed sweater displayed on the right model. The shaping is in the right place and the cables are not overdone. I love the neckline on this sweater. This is the type of sweater I would have loved in my late teens & early twenties (when I had the figure for it). I may just knit this for my niece.

Syncopated Caps by Kate Gilbert

I love the fair isle pattern on these! It looks like a pattern that you could knit over & over without getting bored, and the look is timeless.

Spiral Boot Socks by Veronik Avery

Feeds nicely into my sock obsession, which has lately run to the knee-sock variety after seeing Clessidra in the latest issue of Knitty. I really like the spiraling lace and the cuff is adorable. I will definitely be making a pair of these.

The Bad:
1824 Blouson by Mari Lynn Patrick

Ok. Granted, this sweater does look comfy. It also looks like it’s inside out. That’s what I think every time I look at the picture, and if I saw it in person I would probably be fighting the urge to tell the woman her sweater is inside out! Seriously. It’s like when someone’s clothing tag is hanging out… I just need to tuck it back in… this sweater is making my hands itch.

Little Smocked Cardigan By Carrie Bostick Hoge

This sweater is pretty and I understand what she was trying to achieve. However, it looks like the model has just put on a sweater that was made for her 8 yr old daughter. Either that or her husband shrunk it in the wash. One of the pictures in the magazine actually shows the model tugging down on the sweater as if it is too short. I think this sweater could have been saved by a little shaping. It’s too boxy to be this short.

The Fugly:
Sleeveless Tuxedo Shirt by Theresa Schabes

Honestly I don’t know what could have saved this one. All I can say is that it certainly does remind me of a frilly tuxedo shirt… that’s not a good thing.

Origami Cardi By Norah Gaughan

Wow. A pattern that is unflattering on absolutely every body type, except for possibly pregnant women. The “berry” stitch looks like bobbles and quite frankly they are ugly. And you can tell that the model hates it.

Ok. So that’s what I think. There are a few beautiful designs that I didn’t mention (like the Montego Bay Scarf). I’d love to hear your thoughts. Which patterns did you like the best and which did you think were fugly?

EDIT: When I checked my blog this morning I noticed that somehow comments had been turned off! Oops! They are back on now. My bad.