I ran across this the other day and thought it would be fun to try. It is! Mary, I think you will enjoy this…

Here are the rules:

1 – Go to Wikipedia’s random article page – The first article you get is the name of your band.

2 – Go to the Random Quotations page – The last four words of the last quote is the album title.

3 – Go to Flickr’s Interesting photo page – Third picture, no matter what it is, is your album cover.

Put it all together to make your album. Either crop it to CD cover size, or just use the raw image itself… the only rule is you’re only allowed to add the album title and artist title.

Here is mine:
Now go make your own. 🙂


Ok. I just had to share these with you…

And they’ve got memory foam in base which make them super comfy as well as completely goofy! XD

X-mas knitting finished in the nick of time, cookies baked, house cleaned, presents wrapped, dinner prepared & waiting to go in the oven!

Now time to grab some hot cocoa and watch A Christmas Story.

Hope everyone has a happy & safe holiday!

Not usually the type of thing that I post here, but it’s something that I’ve been pondering the last few days.

Within Ravelry there is a groups/forum page. It’s wonderful, it allows people to make specialized group based on interest. I’m in quiet a few and every one has it’s own group dynamic, although most are dominated by the posts of just a handful of members.

Now I am the first to admit that I am not everyone’s cup of tea. I’ve always had very few, select friends. I sometimes feel like I’m a cult film, not for general consumption but loved by those few who get me.

That being said, there is one particular group that I’m involved in that I thought I would fit right in with. I really enjoyed it for about a month until it started to be dominated by just a few people and I realized that my opinions were drastically different from those that were being espoused. And being the type of person who dislikes conflict, I don’t feel comfortable making my opinions known because I’m afraid that a. it would hurt someone’s feelings and b. I would be attacked for them. So instead of having an actual debate about things, I sit here reading posts and start to feel contemptuous of the people who are posting.

It all makes me think that I should just leave the group, which makes me very sad.

My dear Hogwarts Sock Swap partner is having a contest for her 100th post! Go check it out!

Ok, off to frantically knit.. how many days left till Christmas? EEK!

Home sick today… must have been all that fresh air, definitely not good for me!

Got a few things done yesterday…
I was going to make a sleep sack (thanks to Maggie for the link) out of the remaining fleece, but didn’t have enough so I made a pillow for the cat’s window hammock (modeled by Windle).

Apparently Windle wanted to be prominently featured in this post…

About 1″ left to go before toe shaping. Hopefully I will finish it off tonight while watching Drive & Heroes! (They killed Peter! You Bastards!)

Found this at DataWhat, thought it was interesting enough to share: